About Us


Executive Decision Hunting outfitter’s is a South Florida based local hunting guide service that caters to shooting enthusiast that are interested in an all inclusive introduction to the time honored tradition of pursuing and gathering wild game, Feral Hogs. EDHO is ran by Thomas Schattie & Andrew Dialberto. Mr. Schattie has over 30 years of hunting experience starting from his childhood in Pennsylvania where he started hunting Deer and small game with a recurve Bow & arrow.

Mr. Schattie relocated to South Florida over 10 years ago and transitioned his hunting skills into the pursuit of wild boar. Due to the fact that wild boar are not considered a game animal they can be hunted year around on private land without a hunting license and therefore provide a consistent thrill and endless food source. Also due to the fact that their population can double every year there are also no regulations for the ways they are harvested and therefore can be taken via: Handgun, Crossbow, High Powered semi automatic rifles, knife, spear, Dogs, and other traditional hunting sources.