Choice of Firearms or Weapons


The choice of firearms & weapons available is up to the client, ranging from a standard knife, to several of the most powerful handguns in the world.

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The reason EDHO concentrates on wild hog hunting is simple, it is a year around animal that requires no special type of state license to pursue, hunt, or solicit, which in return provides one of the ultimate firearms experience’s to introduce the introductory hunter to the sport, in return the Wild Boar provides one of the most challenging and difficult harvest due to the fact their hide is like a suit of armor, their mentality when challenged is fierce, and their tenacity to move anything in their way is uncanny. In my hunting experience of wild boars I have seen one take a full cylinder of .357 bullets and keep running, I have seen a boar punch thru dogs, fences, and people, In fact in one of my first boar hunts I shot a boar thru its heart at 30 yards with a 30-06 with large game ammo and it still ran 10 yards before collapsing.

The choices of weapons available to the clients upon availability are:

1. 30-.06The 30-.06 bolt action hunting rifle- This type of firearm provides a lot of punch as well as accuracy. The bolt action hunting rifle with high zoom scope is the “classic norm of hunting” The rifle usually gives up to a 200 Yard shot with 1 shot kill power.



Mini-14 semi-auto ranch rifle2. The Mini-14 semi-auto ranch rifle: This gun uses it large ammo capacity to make up for lack of 1 shot power. Usually cartridged in a .223/5.56 NATO round, the capacity is up to 30 rounds and fires a fast, accurate, hotter round than the 30-06. This also provides a better chance for a follow up shot, but the challenge is shot placement. My preference for this rifle is an ear or cranium front shot.


Pump Action Nitro Mag Shotgun w/ slug3. The Pump Action Nitro Mag Shotgun w/ slug: This weapon is ideal at close range and fires a large projectile with a lot of force and impacts a large area of kill, also has lots of recoil upon firing. The shotgun is the most versatile weapon in hunting because it can be used for all types of game due to it massive array of shell choices. The slug is used for boar because it does not spread out like bird-shot and harms the meat and usually results in a fast humane harvesting of the boar.

.44 Magnum revolver4. The .44 Magnum revolver- Once known as the most powerful handgun in the world, the .44 Magnum is a standard choice for most hunters as a sidearm due to its stopping power and heavy grain. The .44 Magnum will require closer proximity to the pig and preferable a cranium shot. Like any handgun hunt this might be close and personal for most beginners.


Horton Cross Bow5. The Horton Cross Bow- Maybe the most archaic type of hunting, the crossbows shot placement is the key difference in a fast humane kill and a long hourly blood tracking event. The crossbow shoots a “cross-bolt arrow” at approx. 300ft per second. The crossbow is extremely large but provides an almost silent shot sometimes not even letting your game know you shot at it. I always recommend packing a large caliber sidearm when hunting with the crossbow due to the risk of being charged or even providing the finishing shot.


Knife & Dagger6. The Knife & Dagger Hunts: Usually requires dogs to track and bay the hog for the hunter to perform the heart stab followed by the terminal twist in order to stop the flow of blood to the heart. This type of hunt probably offers the largest adrenaline rush and is not for the faint of heart “No pun intended”.