Florida Hunting


Two of the current services provided by EDHO are:

1. Providing booking and hunting guide services to South Florida including Wild Boar Hunts, Deer, Alligator, Exotics, bird and small game.

2. Price includes an all-inclusive hunting experience that requires the hunter to only bring their cloths, transportation, weapons, animal quartering or disposing of is included.

Order Hunting Trip

The prices start around $499.99 per person and this will include:

  • Travel approx. 1 1/2 hr. each way to private land specifically designed to hunt Game
  • 1 Large game weapon with 1  magazine or clip of ammo, training. Choices will be
  • .44 Magnum Handgun
  • 30-06 Bolt action rifle
  • 5.56 semi auto-matic AR-15, or Ruger Mini-14
  • CrossBow (Need additional training)
  • Shotgun with Slug ammo
  • Knife or Dagger
  • 1 meat eating Hog, skinned & quartered on ice.
  • Bug Protection (mosquito net) or loaned Thermacell
If you provide your own weapon & ammo – $449.99
  • Night Hunts start at 2PM plus travel time & end at dusk.
  • Morning hunts start at 5AM plus travel time and end at 10AM